Map Wizard Comes to Excel

Esri Maps for Office Brings Spreadsheets to Life
By Karen Richardson | Published April 9, 2013




ArcGIS Online user, you can now turn your Excel spreadsheet data into an interactive map without ever leaving Microsoft Office. Esri’s Maps for Microsoft Office can produce maps from spreadsheets just as quickly and easily as you can create a chart. Creating interactive maps of Excel data is simple. Maps can display locations, for example, customer addresses, sites by map coordinates, facilities, businesses, opportunities, distribution points; and geographic data, such as color-coded maps of sales by ZIPcode or enrollment by state.

The Spreadsheet Data Challenge: Leica Geosystems

Mike Cooper is a Market Manager for Western Europe and the Middle East at Leica Geosystems. Because he works in the GIS industry, he has an in-depth knowledge of it, but he never considered himself a technical user. While he spends a lot of time looking at and analyzing data on his desktop, he wasn’t using a GIS to produce maps that would improve his presentations.

Cooper is in charge of market development for Leica’s Zeno GIS series, which offers automated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) post-processing and seamless integration with GIS systems. As Cooper was traveling Europe supporting distributors and talking to potential customers, he needed a way to easily show access to Europe’s SmartNet – an integrated GNSS Network – that can be accessed by Leica Zeno. “While we certainly have information on each country’s network avail- ability, I wanted to be able to show people quickly where SmartNet was available,” said Cooper. “This kind of information just lent itself to a map.” See Figure 1.

Cooper loaded the data into Microsoft Excel and using Maps for Office, created a map displaying the availability of different networks in Europe. “I’ve done this type of mapping before, but it always took time and some creativity to get what I needed,” said Cooper. “Using this, I honestly created a map within minutes. Nothing could have been easier.” Now Cooper can update the information from Excel whenever a status changes, which updates the map service he created for his distributors, customers and potential customers, who can view and share it on ArcGIS Online.

This screenshot shows that information can be further filtered for easy discovery and analysis. Here, only households with more than $1000 per person of total insured value are displayed. Graphic courtesy of Esri.Make Maps Directly in Excel: How it Works

Esri Maps for Office is a downloadable add-in for Micro- soft Office 2010 that helps organizations make better decisions through location analytics. Interactive maps in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be  based on any geographic component, such as customer locations or sales by ZIP Code, can then be added to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or shared through Esri’s cloud mapping platform, ArcGIS Online. Maps shared through ArcGIS Online are accessible throughout an organization and available for embedding into mobile or web applications. Through tight integration of Esri Maps for Office with ArcGIS Online, users can access a variety of background maps, including street, satellite, and topographic maps. These maps can also reuse and incorporate (mash up) any other map to which their organization provides access, as well as tens of thousands of additional maps published by Esri’s worldwide user community.

Impact Your Audience

Maps are powerful communication tools that help users get their points across quickly and efficiently. Maps can also help them look at their data in different ways to gain additional insight.

Once a map has been made, the results...

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