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Location-based Mobile App Designed for the Sales Rep of the Future
By LBx Staff | Published July 31, 2013

** Locationomics series: Sales Productivity


ÖSSUR IS A GLOBAL LEADER IN NON-INVASIVE ORTHOPEDICS. Their focus is on improving people’s mobility through innovative technologies within the fields of bracing and supports, prosthetics and compression therapy. Össur is headquartered in Iceland, with subsidiaries in 13 countries. Together, Össur Americas, Össur Europe and Össur Asia serve more than 19,000 customers. Imran Rafique is leading a new initiative at Össur called Mobile Sales Solutions, which is focused on enterprise or workforce mobility. He has been tasked with integrating analytics, social media, and mobile applications to more effectively support the salesforce and to engage with customers, patients and employees. We spoke with Mr. Rafique about the role of location technologies in meeting his mission, in particular Össur’s rollout of the Badger Mapping application.

LBx Why did you turn to a location application to support your salesforce?

 RAFIQUE Traditionally, in the medical device industry a sales rep comes to understand their sales territory through excel spreadsheets, dashboards, and putting pins on a map. This process takes extensive planning and time, which is inefficient for the sales rep. Additionally, sales reps often have unexpected downtime in the field, whether a canceled meeting or layovers. We identifed this as an opportunity to optimize their downtime and make it easier for them to fill their days, and discover new leads. A location-based mobile application enables a more continuous workflow, which enhances our selling process.

The sales process is evolving and supporting Össur’s sales-force consist of various applications on a tablet device. See Figure 1. The combination of analytics, digital media, report- ing, and custom apps allow our salesforce to engage with the customer on a deeper level than before. That said, location is a critical component within the suite of applications provided to our reps. Prior to using location technology, our salesforce was struggling with visually understanding their territories. Whether for new or senior sales reps, providing customer demographics, sales history, and leads in a consumable and actionable format wasn’t feasible.


In order to get the most from our salesforce, we needed to a find a way to make it simple for sales reps to access customer information in the field. To do that, we complemented our Excel spreadsheets and dashboards to provide a mapping solution that utilized Google Maps. A location-based mobile application allows our sales reps to understand their territories interactively. This ultimately improves their sales effectiveness and planning. Thanks to location technology, our salesforce can effectively reduce administrative tasks and increase productivity within their territory.

LBx What’s the size of your salesforce?

RAFIQUE Össur Americas has over 75 sales reps, which includes Canada, United States, and Latin America.

LBx What type of location-based mobile application did you deploy?

 RAFIQUE There are many applications using location technology. We started by looking at the various options available—applications that were native to iOS and Web apps. In our search we came across Badger Mapping Solutions. From the start, Badger showcased their skills and their understanding of how to integrate location technology within a mobile solution. The team was willing to collaborate on an application that modeled the sales process from beginning to end. They designed a simple-to-use interface that considered the perspective of a mobile sales rep. The architecture developed made the application available on tablets, smartphones and the laptop/desktop. This was critical to deploying an app that would gain adoption. Furthermore, the Badger team is responsive to Össur’s feedback and is improving the app each day.

LBx What does the Badger Mapping app do?

RAFIQUE The Badger app takes customer data and plots it on a map. It provides three basic functions that enable sales reps to plan travel routes, identify new leads, and view customer information. See Figures 2 and 3. Together these features help keep the sales rep focused and productive. The goal is to help sales reps to understand which customer to visit next, and Badger is helping to solve that problem.


LBx Can you talk about the kinds of applications with which the Badger Mapping application needed to interact?

 RAFIQUE Össur’s mobile sales solutions initiative provides a suite of applications that deploy business information and tools to our salesforce. The focus with Badger maps was to...


The complete article is available in the Spring 2013 issue of LBx Journal.