OGC Announces GeoBI Initiative

By George Percivall, Chief Architect, Open Geospatial Consortium | Published July 13, 2009

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is the standards organization for geospatial and location-based services standards development. These standards are integrated into Internet-based and mobile products and services to enable interoperability between systems, devices, and applications. By addressing interoperability issues, OGC standards help to reduce implementation costs, to reduce the costs of location-based products and services, and to make location-based services available to a wider audience.  

Although databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer2008, Neteeza, and Teradata have been spatially enabled, there are still many interoperability issues to address to enable companies to take full advantage of Geospatial Business Intelligence. While Business Intelligence software systems generate reports and dashboards that allow organizations to better understand how the organization is performing based on key performance indicators, geospatial information provides the context and a basis for better understanding the activities of organizations. The purpose of Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) is to support better business decision-making using location as an organizing principle.  

Business users have had clashes with IT for years to get better reports so that they can make better decisions. The OGC has identified GeoBI as a focus area that may solve this problem.

OGC aims to increase the interoperability of BI software products that can enable the collection, aggregation, analysis, distribution, and display of more relevant and insightful key performance indicators using OGC standards. Increasing the uptake of OGC standards in the location intelligence marketplace and within the business enterprise can be a basis for improved decision making and for broader use of products that implement OGC standards. The OGC is now undertaking an analysis of how the capability of BI tools - such as dashboards, reporting, On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data mining - can be increased through access to spatial information and processing based upon open standards from OGC and other standards bodies. Currently, OGC is preparing a white paper on GeoBI. If you have interest in GeoBI, please contact George Percivall at gpercivall@opengeospatial.org